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The Best Water Heater Installation In

Houston, Texas

Lucky’s Plumbing  provides the best water heater replacement in Houston, Texas. Above all we are the Cleanest plumber in town. We cover everything with drop clothes and vacuum the area before we leave. Even more we are very capable in handling all types of water heater issues. Rather at home or at the office. Due to our experience and training we are capable of trouble shooting all types of water heaters. While tank type water heaters are still the most common type of water heater. Tank-less water heaters are becoming more and more prevalent. As a result we are constantly attending training from the manufacturers on all water heating equipment.

Lucky’s Plumbing are the licensed and insured  professionals for water heater replacement, and water heater flushing

  1. Water Heater Replacement – The water heater manufacturer suggest replacing the water heater every ten years to insure efficient operation. Unless properly flushed every 2 years. Timely flushing the water heater can more than double the life of the water heater per the water heater manufacturer. Because the water heater is one of the largest investments you make in your home. We provide both replacement and flushing services. Flushing the water heater takes about a hour. Well worth the investment in the long run. 
  1. Tankless Water Heater Installation – Lucky’s Plumbing also provides tank-less water heater installation in Houston, Texas. Above all we have achieved a Platinum level certification from the factory of Noritz America.   We have hundreds of Noritz tank-less water heaters installed under warranty, and performing flawlessly.

Furthermore, we also cater to the replacement of Insta-hot point of use water heater under the kitchen sink. 


Rheem tank type water heater is our preferred brand of water heater. As a result we have over 800 Rheem water heaters in service, under warranty. Not one issue. This is why we install Rheem water heater. They work.

Noritz tank less type water heater is our preferred brand of tank-less water heater. Even more we have over 300 Noritz tank-less water heaters in service, under warranty.  Consequently we have no issues to date. As a result we install Noritz tank-less water heaters with full confidence.

Grundfos re-circulating pump installation eliminates waiting for hot water. Imagine the water saved by not running the water for 10 minutes waiting on hot water to arrive.  

  • Rheem water heaters installed daily
  • Noritz water heaters installed daily
  • Grundfos water heater circulation pump installation
  • Regular maintenance servicing of water heaters
  • Repair of malfunctioning water heaters

About Rheem Water Heater

Rheem is the industry’s leading brand in manufacturing water heaters. Likewise their main goal is to provide water heating solutions to maximize output and space. Rather it’s for commercial or residential use, Rheem is assured to provide smart and efficient water heating. Rheem water heaters are known for their long history of comfort. For being a pioneer in innovating next-generation energy efficiencies in water heating. Even more for being one of the most trusted family brands for many years.

About Noritz Tank-less Water Heater

Noritz is also the leading brand of tankless water heaters. Their units are known to be highly efficient, very well made.  Tank less water heating at its BEST.

The Noritz brand is renowned for being one of the oldest operating tank less water heating manufacturers in the industry for 60 years. Yet, they also ensure that their products are regularly updated so they can offer the best features in providing comfortable water heating to every consumer. In 1981, they created the first modern and electronically controlled tankless water heaters. Due to the superior quality of hot water and the impressive energy-saving features of their tank-less water heating units. Noritz America has lead the industry in tank less water heating every since.

Here are the reasons why we recommend Noritz water heating devices:

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner water
  • Space savings

About Grundfos Water Heater Re-circulation

Grundfos Comfort System, or otherwise known as Hot Water Re-circulation System. Is a method of water circulation that eliminates any runoff of the cold water. By using a bypass valve and a pump connected to a timer. The cold water passe through back toward the water heater. Pushing the hot water to the fixture. 

The special features of Grundfos Comfort System include the following:

  • Utmost convenience in instant availability of hot water. 
  • Built in timer can be set on a 24 hour schedule. So that hot water will  be available during peak hours. 
  • Installing the recirculation pump is easy. Lucky’s Plumbing is a certified installer of the Grundfos Comfort System. 

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