Sewer Lines / Drain Lines





Most homes in Houston still use the “Original” sewer pipe that was installed when the home was built. This drain pipe runs from under the house through the yard to the edge of the property and connects to the City connection. Many of the older sewer lines have separations, bellies, and root intrusion from years of service. Lucky’s plumbing repairs and replaces sewer lines. All sewer lines. Rather from the house to the city connection in the yard or tunneling under the foundation Lucky’s Plumbing is the right company for the job. We not only repair and replace sewer lines. Lucky’s Plumbing does this BETTER than anyone else. It starts with being the ABSOLUTE cleanest plumber in town on all of your plumbing needs.Lucky’s Plumbing will always leave your project (no matter the size) “Cleaner Than We Found It”


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Sewer line replacement at city connection
Sewer Line Replacement
Sewer Line Replacement from house to city connection
Sewer Line Replacement


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