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Living with a Drip?

Call The Repipe Experts In Houston, Tx. 

re-pipe \ 1 : the action of repiping  2 : the action of replacing pipe in a structure with new modernized pipe

To repipe your home means you are replacing original pipe with new pipe. This can be the sewer drain pipe or the incoming fresh water supply pipe. Lucky’s plumbing offers both. This page is dedicated to the fresh water supply pipe in most cases original galvanized pipe.

About Galvanized Pipe And Repiping

If you have galvanized water pipe in your home it is time to replace it. Galvanized pipe when used to supply potable water has a 35 year life expectancy. All galvanized pipe still being used for drinking water in Houston Texas is past this life expectancy. If you have been living with galvanized pipe you already know. It is not a matter of “If” but a matter of “When” you are going to replace it.  Orange water in the bath tub is the most visual sign. Pinhole leaks spraying water causing secondary damage is the most expensive sign. Dripping faucets and running commodes are signs as well. The rust particles inside the galvanized pipe break free and chew up the internal components on faucets and commodes. This causes a treadmill effect of constant rebuilding these fixtures.  Removing & replacing the galvanized pipe is quite common today. PEX pipe has made this process much more affordable than in the past.

Crossed-linked polyethylene (PEX) a type of flexible plastic pipe which is currently replacing copper and galvanized steel pipe as water supply lines in both new construction and repiping projects.

In 1968 Thomas Engle a German scientist discovered a way to cross link plastic (polyethylene) through radiation to produce a much suppler form of the material. The new plastic, fashioned into flexible PEX pipe (also known as PEX tubing) arrived in the U.S. in the 1980s.

PEX is a type of durable and high density plastic that is becoming a popular repipe material in the United States today. The beauty of using PEX is that this pipe is versatile, it requires less fittings, and the installation is not that labor intensive compared to rigid metal pipes. And because PEX is made of durable plastic, it is not susceptible to corrosion, scale, freeze, and pinhole leak issues that is commonly associated with traditional pipes.

Since its introduction to the North America market crosslinked polyethylene or PEX has continually gained ground on rigid copper and CPVC water systems due to its superior flexibility, durability, and stable cost characteristics.

Uponer AquaPEX plumbing systems, featuring the durable ProPEX expansion fitting system, is the first choice for installers, home builders, and homeowners looking for a product that will provide consistent reliability and performance.

Why Consider Repiping?

The simplest answer to this question is that a repipe offers a permanent fix to your water issues and it saves you money as well. Of course, you may not feel the difference in terms of cost at first, but come to think of it you are eliminating all the fees that you have to pay for repair and maintenance. So you are actually saving money in the process.

A whole house repipe should be strongly considered if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

Low Water Pressure

This is an indicator of early plumbing issues. Over time, the interiors of the galvanized pipes have developed corrosion and rust buildup that restricts the flow of water.

Scalding During Shower Or If You Flush The Toilet

Homes built before 1980 were not properly sized. Meaning the whole house was piped with 1/2″ water pipe throughout. Turning on more than one faucet causes the pressure to be cut in half. The faucet nearest the water heater takes most of the hot water. Leaving the farthest faucet without hot water. Or vice versa. Turning on two faucets causes the pressure to drop pulling most of the cold to the nearest faucet to the meter. Leaving you to scald in the shower. Today we properly size the water supply pipe to the number of openings. Adding in the maximum gallon per minute flow rate per opening/fixture. Allowing for maximum gallons per minute flow at each fixture. Usually 1″ diameter pipe in the yard from the meter to the home. Down sizing to 3/4″ pipe in the attic to each fixture. Then to 1/2″ diameter pipe in the wall down to each fixture. This insures maximum flow rate at each fixture. Allowing all fixtures to be used at once. Without a drop in pressure or scalding someone in the shower. 

PinholesImages of Repiping

Pinholes develop when the galvanized water pipe rust completely through the pipe. This is very common with galvanized water pipe. 

Yellow Or Rust-Colored Water

Having discolored water is a sure sign of internal corrosion. Furthermore it will contaminate the water that you drink. Along with water used for cleaning and bathing. Like other indicators, having discolored water is a sign that you have rust build up on the inside of the galvanized water pipe. The only permanent solution is to cut it out and replace it. A  PEX repipe will solve this issue for ever. Trust the repipe experts in Houston, Texas.

All Galvanized Water Pipe Over 35 Years Old Should be Replaced

Galvanized pipe removal.

Original galvanized pipe had a 35 year “Life Expectancy”. ALL galvanized water pipe still in use today is well past 35 years old. Therefore, it is highly recommended to replace this original galvanized water pipe by means of repiping. 

Trust Lucky’s Plumbing To Do The Repipe For You

Lucky’s Plumbing is the BEST PRICE and CLEANEST repiping company in Houston. We are the CLEANEST plumbers in Houston Texas GUARANTEED! We use drop clothes and cover everything. We use a hand saw to cut perfectly square holes to expose the old galvanized pipe. A power saw is much faster, but it also covers everything with white sheet rock dust. This white powder like residue is almost impossible to get out. We respect your home too much to do this. Lucky’s Plumbing has been working with one of the BEST painters in Houston for over 10 years. That’s right our whole house repipe price includes replacing the sheet rock. Cutting the sheet rock in a perfect square also takes more time up front. However, when the painter arrives, it’s much easier to replace the sheet rock to a paint ready condition matching the existing texture. If you get multiple quotes be aware of the companies that do NOT cover the sheet rock repair in their scope of work. In most cases, they will cut more holes. The holes will NOT be cut perfectly square. Which means the painter will need to re-cut the holes making them square. Leaving YOU to pay more hidden cost.  At Lucky’s Plumbing we have completed hundreds of repipe jobs in the Greater Houston area. This is what makes us the Professionals. We use the BEST materials available in the market today. From the Uponer PEX pipe to the Brass craft quarter turn emergency shut off valves to the Brass craft stainless steel flexible supply lines. We cut NO corners on material cost.

Lucky’s Plumbing does all of this while you stay in your home. We arrive onsite at 8:30am to start work. We generally finish our day around 4:00pm. We will always leave you with at least one working bathroom with hot & cold water. The sheet rock repair begins on the last day of your project. The sheet rock repair usually takes 1-2 days. The repipe portion of the job usually takes about a week depending on how many fixtures we are repiping. We will NOT cut corners with the cleanliness of the job to finish faster.

The price is also calculated by fixture count, not square foot. Please call 713.464.1921 today we will be happy to meet with you in person.  And as experts in repipe in Houston, we will be more than willing to walk you through the process and discuss your repipe project that we are going to do. Lucky’s Plumbing always gives 100% GUARANTEED QUOTES, not Estimates. The price we quote is the price you pay.


Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. We do not collect a penny until you are completely 100% satisfied with our work.

Lucky’s Plumbing Is Your Go-To Re-pipe Company In Houston 

  • Locally owned and operated repipe company                     
  •  Our employees are highly experienced and qualified in repiping
  • CLEAN – The cleanest repipe in Houston
  • All sheet rock is replaced matching the existing texture to a paint ready condition
  • Best price repipe in Houston Texas

Create your own luck.

Call the best repipe company in Houston today!



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