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Kitchen plumbing

Lucky’s plumbing are the professionals when working in the kitchen. We repair and replace the kitchen sink faucet. We highly recommend Delta faucets. Delta faucets are very affordable at all price points. Delta faucet parts are readily available in case a repair is needed. Delta faucets have a lifetime warranty meaning they will send you replacement parts for free. But our professionalism is not limited to faucets. We repair the leak under the sink. Rather it is tightening a nut or replacing all of the drain work with new; Lucky’s plumbing is the cleanest plumber in Houston. We also can clean the drain if the kitchen sink starts to back up. This is a very common occurrence. The kitchen sink is the only “grease drain” in the home. Which means every time we wash dishes we are putting small deposits of oil based products down the drain. This builds up over time causing the kitchen sink to drain slow. Lucky’s plumbing can clean this line with our Speedrooter drain cleaner with a 75 foot cable. The Garbage disposal is another key component in the kitchen. Lucky’s plumbing recommends Insinkerator brand garbage disposal. We have been installing Insinkerator disposals for over 20 years, we simply do not have any call backs or complaints with this brand of disposal. Rather your disposal is jammed or leaking, Lucky’s plumbing are the professionals for the job. Lucky’s plumbing can also replace the Insta-hot point of use water heater under the kitchen sink. We install new ice maker supply lines for the refrigerator. Lucky’s plumbing installs & services reverse osmosis filtration kits.  Lucky’s plumbing is the BEST plumber in Houston for your kitchen remodel. From relocating drain and water lines  to installing the sink, drain work, disposal, & faucet Trust the BEST.   We are 100% Licensed and Insured with the State of Texas Board of Plumbers Examiners # M-37717. ALWAYS ASK FOR THIS! Any time any contractor attempts to quote or start work on your home’s plumbing. Ask for the license. The license insures that this contractor is properly vetted and properly insured. This could save massive amounts of frustration later. Lucky’s plumbing are the licensed professionals, the cleanest  plumber in Houston Texas GUARANTEED! If you are not 100% Satisfied we will rework the job for FREE. If you are still not 100% Satisfied we will refund your money ! CALL LUCKY’S PLUMBING TODAY  713.464.1921


Jan DiGran – Rice military resident

“Always a Delight to work with”

Thank you Ms. DiGran it was our pleasure to remove and replace your master bath tub & faucet. Always a Pleasure to work with you as well.

Bathroom plumbing

We spend A LOT of time in the bathroom. The licensed plumbers at Lucky’s plumbing visit the bathroom dozens of times during our average day – 6 days a week. This is what makes us the professionals. Toilet repair is a huge responsibility, the water loss on a leaking commode can TRIPLE your water bill in one month.  Water leaking through a flapper with a bad seal goes right down the drain not seen. So most of our clients never know they have a leak until the high bill arrives.  We repair all types of water closets (commode , toilet) from the pressure assist toilet to old original 50-year-old commodes. Lucky’s plumbing are the professionals for the job. A Dripping faucet  can affect the price you pay for water as well. Those drips add up to a high water bill. Repairing bathroom faucets is one of our specialties here at Lucky’s. Don’t live with a Drip. Call Lucky’s plumbing today 713.464.1921. We can usually stop the drip the same day of service.  Planning a bathroom remodel? Start with Lucky’s plumbing. The plumber is the first in and last out contractor you will see on a bathroom remodel job. Pick wisely. Check their license. It should look similar to ours M-37717. Un-licensed plumbers are not insured to do plumbing. Secondary water damage from leaks occurring can be extremely expensive. Make sure your plumber is properly licensed, properly insured, properly back ground certified annually like a licensed plumber is. Lucky’s plumbing are the licensed professionals, the cleanest plumber in Houston Texas GUARANTEED! If you are not 100% Satisfied we will re-work the job for FREE. If you are still not 100% Satisfied we will refund your money! CALL LUCKY’S PLUMBING TODAY 713.464.1921

Clogged drain

Slow drain? Call Lucky’s plumbing today! 713.464.1921 All of our technicians are trained on the proper way to clean and inspect the drains in your home. We will examine the inside of the drain pipe using  our SeeSnake fiber optic sewer camera. This allows us to determine if you have a serious issue that could possibly cause the foundation to shift or just simple build up inside the pipe walls. We offer permanent solutions. If the drain line is original to the house and has collapsed and needs to be replaced Lucky’s plumbing has completed thousands of these. If the pipe under the house is broken we can handle this as well. From a simple clog of hair to replacing the City sewer tap: Lucky’s plumbing are the licensed professionals, the cleanest plumber in Houston Texas GUARANTEED! If you are not 100% Satisfied we will re-work the job for FREE. If you are still not 100% Satisfied we will refund your money! CALL LUCKY’S PLUMBING TODAY 713.464.1921


Living with a drip? Trust the absolute BEST plumbing company in Houston for replacing your pipes. We have completed thousands of re-pipes here at Lucky’s plumbing. Our exclusive approach on this extensive plumbing project is unmatched. We are the cleanest plumbers in Houston. We earn this title on every re-pipe we complete.

Water heater

The water heater in your home is the second largest investment under your roof. The tank type water heater need to be replaced every 10 years per the manufacturer of the water heater. Unless a extended warranty water heater was installed. Lucky’s plumbing highly recommend doing a visual inspection of your water heater annually as a minimum.  The manufacturer recommend draining & flushing your water heater every two years. Draining & flushing your water heater on the two year schedule could double the life span of the water heater.  Let the professionals at Lucky’s plumbing work for you. We currently have over a thousand Rheem tank water heaters installed, under warranty, and performing flawlessly. CALL LUCKY’S PLUMBING TODAY 713.464.1921

Tankless water heater

Thinking of going Tank Less? Now a days virtually every water heater we replace (its a lot) the customer ask about tank less water heating information. Lucky’s Plumbing in Houston Texas is one of the only Platinum Factory Certified installers of Noritz water heaters. Here at Lucky’s plumbing we believe Platinum Factory Certification is an absolute must! To be considered the professional in the market. We have hundreds of Noritz water heaters installed, under warranty, and performing flawlessly.

Gas lines


Of course Lucky’s Plumbing will be here if you need any type of natural gas work completed with The City of Houston permit & inspection.  We conduct gas test for commercial as well as residential residence. Complete installation of new gas service from the gas meter to the appliance. Lucky’s plumbing will attain the permit, install/repair the gas line, test the entire system, and schedule the city inspection. We complete this several times daily. Any time natural gas is involved ONLY trust the professionals. Fully licensed, fully insured, experienced professionals at Lucky’s plumbing are here waiting for the call. Let us be your professional plumber.

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