Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipe removal.

Galvanized pipe was used for water piping throughout the Houston area. Galvanized pipe had a 35 year life expectancy when used to carry potable water through out the home. All galvanized pipe currently being used for water pipe today is PAST its Life expectancy. If you still have galvanized water pipe in your home? It’s not a matter of  “if you’re going to replace it”, it’s a matter of when you’re going to replace it. Galvanized pipe rust from the inside out making it impossible to see the true condition of the water pipe. Most houses with original galvanized water pipe have already had leaks in several locations, and suffer from very poor and only worsening water pressure. This is caused due to the corrosion/rust on the inside of the pipe. These rust particles break free and clog faucets, commodes, shower heads, etc. These rust particles are very sharp and abrasive in nature. Causing damage to the interior components on all fixtures. Including the cartridges and stems of kitchen faucets, tub faucets, & shower faucets. Some of the shower cartridges can cost as much as $800 just for the cartridge itself.  Only to be chewed up again by the rust inside of the galvanized water supply pipe. These rust particles have the same effect on the internal parts of the toilet. Many of our clients notice “orange water” in the bath tub. Once again this is rust coming from the interior of the galvanized pipe. I have personally witnessed on several occasions so-called “PLUMBERS” telling home owners to change their water heater to eliminate the orange water. This is NOT true. Not one component on the water heater produces rust. After the home owner writes the check and has the water heater replaced, the orange water still shows up in the bath tub.

The galvanized water pipe in your home has served its duty. Its time to replace it.

Brandon Falcon

Responsible Master Plumber #37717



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