Bathroom Remodeling

Custom Bathroom Remodel

A custom bathroom remodel can change your life. Have you been dreaming of a custom bathroom? Do you need a soaking tub? How about a soaking tub with a door? Grab bars in the shower? Dual showers with body spray? Custom bathrooms can mean anything from your own personal spa type retreat. Or more comfortable to use at any point of life. We specialize in A.D.A. bathroom remodeling as well as creating your personal retreat. We partner with some of the BEST craftsmen we can find. From a very neat and clean demo job, to installing the towel racks. We handle all of this under one roof.

  • Fully licensed through the State of Texas. M#37717
  • Fully insured – A contractor MUST have these two in order to pull the proper permits for a custom bathroom remodel.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team includes licensed tradesmen for all of the plumbing, electrical, & HVAC portion of your project. Manuel Ruiz has been our painter for 8 years. He has completed dozens of projects with us. With his team we have created some master pieces. Plavina Stone is responsible for all of our stone and tile placement. We have partnerships with several cabinet makers. Rather the cabinets just need new doors or complete rebuild, we have the right craftsman in place. J.P.J. Glass handles all of our shower doors and mirrors.

As you can see we are HIGHLY Qualified when your new CUSTOM bath plans start to develop.

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