Sewer line Installation


Sewer line installation can be a difficult task. Replacing your original sewer line with new schedule 40 P.V.C. pipe & fittings starts with marking the proposed dig site. Immediately call 811 to have proposed dig site properly marked for all under ground utilities. In this case the Memorial City Arborist approved the proposed dig site as well. 20181129_111643.jpg

A hand dug trench is the BEST/CLEANEST way to properly replace the original main line sewer from the home to the city connection. 11565

We are fully licensed and insured to replace your sewer line from the fixture to the city tap. In this case there was an illegal built structure over the original city tap. The professionals at Lucky’s Plumbing re-routed the new sewer line around the illegal structure and completed a new city tap with a new city clean out.  100_3177

Lucky’s plumbing are the professionals for excavating under the foundation to remove and replace the original cast iron drain pipes. We are fully licensed and insured. All under foundation repair trenches are hand dug and put back in place by hand. This is the preferred method per structural engineers. We attain signed documentation from the engineering company approving this process on every job. We attain all permits and inspections through the city plumbing department. 12150


Once again Lucy’s plumbing is the CLEANEST plumber in Houston, Tx. We always leave your property cleaner than we find it! GUARANTEED

Call the professionals at Lucky’s Plumbing today. We love our customers!


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