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We Offer The Best Water Heater Installation In Houston, Texas And Other Plumbing Services

Lucky’s Plumbing LLC provides the best and only plumbing service in Houston that you need. We are very capable in handling all types of plumbing issues that you might encounter at home or at the office from gas issues, slab leaks, pipe leaks, clogged drains, sewer lines/drain lines issues, galvanized pipe, re-pipes, and even water heater problems. Many plumbing issues cannot be solved by DIY solutions. So our company is here to provide the best plumbing service we can offer as we are efficient, skilled, and licensed to fix your problem.

Our plumbers are not only experienced in dealing with all sorts of plumbing problems, but they also have the necessary customer service skills that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

We are experts at what we do and we’ve been servicing dozens of customers each day since 2005



  1. Kitchen Plumbing And Water Heater Servicing – Our company is very proficient in dealing with all kinds of kitchen plumbing issues. We repair and replace the kitchen sink faucet if it is already defective to prevent any leaks from adding up to your water bill; we repair the leak under the sink to prevent your flooring from water damage; we also clean the drain if the kitchen sink starts to back up.

Likewise, we also offer garbage disposal services as getting rid of your trash is another key component in the kitchen.

Moreover, we also replace Insta-hot point of use water heater under the sink and install/service reverse osmosis filtration kits.

  1. Bathroom Plumbing And Water Heater Servicing – Our licensed plumbers at Lucky’s Plumbing bathroom plumbing is practically second to none. We repair all types of water closets (commode, toilet) from the pressure assist toilet to old original 50-year-old commodes. Also, we are very capable of replacing dripping faucets so you won’t live with a drip.
  1. Clogged Drain – Suffering from a slow drain? Then let Lucky’s Plumbing help you. We offer permanent solutions by using state-of-the-art technologies like the SeeSnake fiber optic sewer to examine and inspect your drains and sewers and get into the root of the problem quickly.

And if the pipe under the house is broken we can handle this as well, from a simple clog of hair to replacing the City sewer tap. Lucky’s Plumbing is the only plumbing service in Houston that you will ever need as we are the cleanest plumber in this state of Texas GUARANTEED!

  1. Re-pipe – Need to replace your home pipes because of drip problems? Then trust the absolute BEST plumbing company in Houston for replacing your pipes. Our company has completed thousands of piping jobs and our exclusive approach in dealing with even the most extensive plumbing projects is unequaled.
  1. Water Heater Servicing – The water heater is one of the largest investments you can make in your home. Yet, the water heater tank has to be replaced every 10 years to ensure efficient operation. So it needs the best water heating servicing care from time to time, and that is something that you can expect from our company.

Lucky’s Plumbing highly recommends doing a visual inspection of your water heater annual as a minimum. The manufacturer recommends draining and flushing your water heater every 2 years to double the life span of your water heating device.

  1. Tankless Water Heater ServicingLucky’s Plumbing in Houston, Texas is a certified installed Nortiz water heater, a type of tank less heating device that is manufactured by Platinum Factory. We have hundreds of Noritz water heaters installed under warranty, and performing flawlessly.
  1. Gas Lines Servicing – Our plumbing service in Houston also conducts gas tests for residential and commercial establishments. Our plumbers are fully licensed and also fully insured to take care of gas-related issues.


Lucky’s Plumbing is capable of handling all kinds of water heating equipment.

We install Rheem tank type water heaters. We install Noritz tank less type of water heaters. We also install Grundfos re-circulating pumps for instant hot water.

  • Installation of Rheem water heaters
  • Installation of Noritz water heaters
  • Grundfos water heaters
  • Regular maintenance servicing of water heaters
  • Repair of malfunctioning water heaters


Most houses in the state of Houston have the “original” sewer pipes. These pipes are usually connected throughout the property all the way to the main city pipe connection. And it’s no secret that these pipes are subjected to wear and tear due to many years of use.

Lucky’s plumbing repairs and replaces sewer lines. All sewer lines. Rather from the house to the city connection in the yard or tunneling under the foundation Lucky’s Plumbing is the right company for the job. We not only repair and replace sewer lines. Lucky’s Plumbing does it BETTER than anyone else.


Lucky’s brand of plumbing service in Houston can also replace your old pipes with new ones whether in the sewer or your fresh water supply pipe in your home. We will quote the exact price of pipes in our quotes (per square foot) and not just estimates and our company will walk you through the entire pipe replacement process.


All galvanized pipe currently being used for water pipe today is PAST its Life expectancy. If you still have galvanized water pipe in your home? It’s not a matter of  “if you’re going to replace it”, it’s a matter of when you’re going to replace it. Galvanized pipe rust from the inside out making it impossible to see the true condition of the water pipe. Most houses with original galvanized water pipe have already had leaks in several locations, and suffer from very poor and only worsening water pressure. This is caused due to the corrosion/rust on the inside of the pipe. These rust particles break free and clog faucets, commodes, shower heads, etc. These rust particles are very sharp and abrasive in nature. Causing damage to the interior components on all fixtures.

Lucky’s Plumbing can take care of your galvanize pipe issues at any given point. All you need to do is call us and we’ll make sure to have it fixed by the end of the day.


Lucky’s plumbing is your local mom and pop plumbing shop. We strive for the absolute BEST SERVICE available from any plumbing company EVER. We are a family owned & operated company. We treat everyone as family here at Lucky’s plumbing. Our employees love us for this. We hire for life. Our employees simply do not leave. Because we make it our standard everyday approach to make sure they are happy in all phases of their life. Continuing to grow & continuing to educate on a daily basis. We have found through this approach our team passes this effective passion to our customers. Our 100% customer satisfaction is easily achieved with the happiest plumbing team in Houston.

Regardless of the plumbing issue, whether it’s a plumbing emergency are planning a plumbing upgrade, our team of experts here at Lucky’s plumbing is the professionals you have been looking for.  We have set standards in cleanliness throughout the plumbing industry. We cover everything with drop clothes and thoroughly clean up after ourselves. Lucky’s plumbers complete dozens of plumbing specific service calls each day. Seven days a week since 2005. This is why we are the professionals.

All of our employees have been properly vetted. We have background checks for each employee. And continue to check them annually.

We also conduct random drug and alcohol testing to ensure each of our employees’ quality of work will remain excellent as is not in any way affected by alcohol and prohibited substances.

Every employee attends classroom training on a weekly basis. As well as onsite field training on a daily basis.

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